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Highlywood Headshots

Sessions are easy, fun and fast.


I shoot outdoors using natural light. I go for photos that look real and in-the-moment.

On stage and screen, we're portraying slices of life- real people. Your headshot should convey that.


Book a Session!


As an actor, I know how important it is to have updated headshots, so I try to keep things simple:

2 hour session = $350

Within that timeframe, we can shoot as many looks as you would like.  3 looks is the same price as 6 looks.  

Simple. Easy.

Once you contact me, we'll figure out what looks you're going for and set a time/date for your session. 

My sessions are usually scheduled in the early morning and late afternoon, thereby avoiding most audition times (also gives the softest lighting.)

A deposit of $100 is required to book a session.



Cancelation Policy: Kindly provide 24 hours notice of cancelations/changes or you may forfeit your deposit.




 Things to Know (FAQ)


Do you shoot full body shots?  The nature of online casting today means that Casting Directors are looking at a tiny thumbnail to see you.  For most roles, they'll receive over 1000 submissions. That means that you are 1 speck out of that thousand-- like Earth to the universe.  Most headshots are from the chest up, with focus on the eyes.  Unless you are an athlete or swimwear model, you probably don't need a full body shot.

What will make the photos stand out?  Your eyes need to pop.  Your smile should welcome them.  Make sure to drink lots of water the day before so that you are hydrated.  It makes a difference.  Also, get lots of rest the night before.  For each look, make sure you have the essence of the character in your head and be ready to play around with that.  Example: You want a detective look. Okay. Are you the detective solving a complex CSI-type scenario or are you the detective who just reunited a parent with their lost child? 

What should I wear? Unless you are requesting a full body shot, you don't need to worry about matching pants and shoes.  We're only concerned with shirts, jackets, blouses, etc.  Here's a hint: in general jewel tones really help the eyes pop. Bring a variety of clothing. Texture is good. Patterns are bad. Logos are a no-no. (Do you think you'll get called in for a New Balance commercial wearing a Nike logo??)  Dress the look of the part you're going for, but avoid props and full-on costumes (unless your agent specifically requests them). 

How about make-up and hair?  I work with a couple of make-up artists that will set your hair and make-up before the shoot. Then, they stay with us throughout the shoot for touch-ups. They're talented, reasonably priced and super friendly. Ask for recommendations.  If you prefer to do your own, keep it simple. You want to look fresh and natural. For guys, a little powder or oil blotter to keep down shine is perfectly fine.

Where do you shoot?  Outdoors, near beautiful downtown Burbank.

What are the payment options? Cash, Paypal and credit card via Paypal.

How and when will I get my proofs?  Within 72 hours of our session, I'll will upload your photos onto a private link at highlywoodphotography.com, so you can view, share, download, pick favorites, etc. I will perform first-pass  check for color correction and balance highlights and shadows to ensure that all usable photos are vibrant and look like you.  Limited time offer: I will also perform basic retouching (on blemishes) for 3 photos. 

Remember, you want your headshot to look like the YOU that walks in the audition room. You are you and you are perfect as you are. Let Hollywood know that YOU have arrived.
Contact me: photo@highlywood.com